So I have this little video on my phone. It’s been there for over a year. I listen to it and giggle frequently. (And then fight a terrible, devious urge to post it and tag certain individuals in it!) Today I’m sharing the smile. Check it out:

Special Thanks to “Tom” for this video. I wish I could link it back to you! Does anybody know him?

Song Lyrics (to the tune of the “Ghostbusters” theme song):

If you feel depressed, and misunderstood
What’cha gonna do?
Repress it!
When you wanna confront, your childhood
Are you ready for a breakthrough?
No! Repress it!
Good choice!

I’m too apathetic to book myself therapy
Contradicting how much I complain about my life
I push all my problems down until they go away
One day I’ll explode
Repressing makes me feel…

Nothing… I’m fine… I don’t need therapy… I’m good

I feel like I could end this post right here. “Tom” (no idea if that is his real name) has it covered.

Content Warning: Suicide

One of the topics of this blog is mental health. I have dealt with Anxiety my entire life, and Depression for most of it. Suicidal thoughts are frequent houseguests in my head. One of my biggest goals when I share my life and my story is to help others. I wish I could prevent everyone in the whole world from experiencing what I experience. But since I can’t do that, I am determined to at least encourage those on a mental health journey to keep going, and not give up.

It’s September. It’s National Suicide Awareness & Prevention Month. It’s also kick-off month for schools, classes, and community programs. Right now there are organizations, community centers, libraries, and faith communities launching a new season of assertiveness classes, wellness clinics, and book studies on peace, growth, and change. This is a PSA to take advantage. If you can’t bring yourself to make that call to a therapist just yet, try a class. Then try another. Take baby steps towards mental and emotional freedom. It sucks. It’s hard. But it’s so worth it.

Take a leap of faith, Friends. I’m proud of you, and I’m on your side. (Picture me as that crazy fan in the bleachers, cheering extra loud.)

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3 thoughts on “(Don’t) Repress It

  1. Okay, I laughed and love that video! It is true that we need help to deal with the ‘things’ we repress. Usually by the time I’m wanting, and able, to ask for help I sabotage myself and reach for the inferior help. Slowly learning to set myself up for success in this area.

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