Check In

The only consistent thing about life is that it always changes. Nine months ago, I posted an update about how well my son has been going to school. Now, it feels like we're right back to preschool. Regressions are a hallmark of autism. Anything can bring them on. A growth spurt, a physical ailment, a … Continue reading Check In

What Are Feeding Disorders?

A Feeding Disorder is different from an Eating Disorder, and also different from picky eating. It is common for individuals with special needs to have a Feeding Disorder on top of their primary diagnosis, and a little awareness can go a long way when you are interacting with these individuals and their families.

That’s Not My Black SUV

I have another literature related post for you today. It's my first ever published work of fiction! *cheer* *applause* I'm SO happy! This tale took me fives of minutes to put together. It's inspired by true events and is told in the classic, immortal style of an Usborne touchy-feely book. Celebrate my fiction debut with me!

Books About Autism: For Kids

Today's books are Children's Books, written for Neurotypical Kids (a.k.a. Kids who do not have Autism, and are developmentally "typical" or "normal."). These are the kinds of books you would purchase or check out of the library if you are wanting to help your children understand an Autistic sibling, classmate, or friend.