Check In

The only consistent thing about life is that it always changes. Nine months ago, I posted an update about how well my son has been going to school. Now, it feels like we're right back to preschool. Regressions are a hallmark of autism. Anything can bring them on. A growth spurt, a physical ailment, a … Continue reading Check In

Disability & The Church (Part 1/3)

I don't know of any churches that have an official policy surrounding disabilities, but I can tell you from the decades of experience I have in the church that Christians tend to be divided into three camps when it comes to disabilities. These beliefs, whether they are consciously or unconsciously held, have a major impact on how they treat people. They also have a major impact on the emotions and mental health of those with disabilities within the church.

Can We Talk About Miscarriage?

If you have found this page because you are going through a loss, I am so so sorry. There is no grief quite like it, and it is ok to feel it all. If you are one of my regulars, I hope you will find the information helpful for the next time a friend goes through a miscarriage, or to help you heal a past broken heart.