I love to hear feedback, and hope that this blog will be a place of great discussion.

That said, this IS the internet.

So let’s just set some ground rules, ok?

By Posting on My Blog, You Agree to the Following:

  1. You Grant Me a License to Post Your Comments
    I may wish to reference a discussion from the comment section in a future blog post. This is my way of engaging with you and keeping the conversation going. By commenting, you grant me permission to reference or quote what has been said.
  2. You Agree to Remain Civil
    You are welcome to ask questions and voice concerns. You are welcome to disagree. You are not welcome to be rude or attack another human being on my blog. I will not tolerate abuse.
  3. I Reserve the Right to Delete Your Comment
    I will delete any comment that is, in my sole opinion:
    a) spam
    b) profane or pornographic
    c) false, misleading, or defamatory
    d) abusive, harassing, cruel
    e) off-topic or derailing

Free speech grants you the right to voice your opinion on your own blog, not mine. I would encourage anyone looking for a soapbox to create their own.

Thank you.