Autism had taken a lot from our family, and now it had taken Christmas…

Before starting this blog of my own, I occasionally wrote guest posts for other blogs. It was the great reception from these experiences that made me (start) to think that (maaaaybe) I could do this too. (I take a lot of convincing.)

This article is a throwback from Christmas 2018. It appeared on a friend’s blog (no longer active) under the title How the Autism Stole Christmas; in a regional publication called Hope Magazine, under the title Invisible Christmas; and (my biggest claim to fame yet), it appeared under the name How the Autism Changed Christmas on the popular Autism Blog: Finding Cooper’s Voice.

This story is a small glimpse into the world of an Autism family. Mine.

It was written with sadness, but also with hope.

I am so thankful that Christmas 2021 is looking night-and-day different in our home.

Things have changed.

Sensory needs are being met in other, healthier ways.

My boy is growing up.

We occasionally do perfectly normal things.

And I don’t take even a second of it for granted.

Please head over to Finding Cooper’s Voice to read the entire article, and consider giving it a subscribe or a Facebook like while you are there. Kate, author and mom to Cooper, has been a source of encouragement and hope for me for many years. Let’s show her some love for Christmas!

How the Autism Changed Christmas

I took my Christmas tree down on December 10th.

Yes, you read that correctly.  On a day when the slowpokes haven’t even put theirs up yet, I was taking mine down. 

I took down the glittery balls
I took down the ribbons.
I took down the lights. 
I stuffed them all in a big tote and dragged it to the basement with hot tears in my eyes..

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2 thoughts on “How the Autism Stole Christmas

  1. I have come out to Estevan once a year for five years now. This time on my latest visit I have noticed a noticable difference. We have trees up, and the house is much more calm now. It is nice being able to communicate with my autistic grandson. I am so thankful that the school he attends is helping with his development. It is nice to see answers to years of prayer.


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