I know that most of us are still in a post-holiday haze right now: still kicking boxes and wrapping paper around the house as we walk, and subsisting off of coffee and Christmas cookies. So I’m not going to tax any of our brains today.

Today, I’m going to keep it light and show off one of the other things I do: Pinterest.

Pinterest is my favourite social media platform–probably because it is the least social! It’s basically the introvert’s social media. I love it because I can scroll through beautiful pictures, find something inspiring, and benefit from other people’s good ideas without having to wade through all of the muck of opinions, debates, fighting, and childishness.

I’ve been a big fan of Pinterest for years, but I’ve always been a collector, not a giver, until I started blogging.

With the start of this blog in September, I also created a public blog-owned Pinterest account so I could start sharing the ideas from this blog and more with the community. Here’s a peek at what you’ll find on my blog Pinterest Page.

“Quote Me”

I have a Pin Board dedicated just to the topics of this blog–mental and emotional health, special-needs parenting, etc… With each weekly blog post, I Pin a quote from the blog to this Pinterest Board. Each Pin uses the featured photo from the blog post, and each Pin links back to the specific blog post it is quoting. So if you are looking for a past article of mine, this Board could be a resource for you!


Also a Pin Board dedicated specifically to this blog, this board is for the other information and graphics I create to be shared here and around social media. For example: the “active listening” guide I made for this post.


It’s not hoarding if it’s digital! (Right? …please say yes.)
If you see the word “Collection,” you’ll find ideas I’ve been saving from Pinterest-land on various topics that interest me, and may interest you too.

For everyone who has ever asked me, “How’d you think of that?!”


The answer is almost always Pinterest.

I have boards for gifting, holidays, kids activities and more.

“Pinterest Recipes: Ashley Tasted, Ashley Approved!”

What is Pinterest without recipes?

I literally have hundreds–if not a thousand–mouth-watering food picture Pins saved to my personal “Recipes to Try” board.

This one is different.

All of the recipes I share here are tested and approved by me. I’ve made them, I’ve eaten them, I’ve loved them. So if you are looking for a winner amongst the thousands of Pinterest options, look no further! No more wasting your time on something that’s a flop.

You’re welcome. 😀

P.S. Read the comments under each recipe for some notes from me.

“Ashley’s Recipes”

Time to give back! This Board is dedicated to recipes that I have made up myself.

Many of them are bits and pieces of other recipes I have collected and tried (the “duds” or “needs tweaking” ones), and tweaked, retried, and tweaked again until they suited my family.

There are also recipes that I have created specifically for my son on the Autism Spectrum who has a very picky palate. If you have a child that is a struggle to feed, I hope this board can help you.

Try these combinations:
White Mix + Chocolate Chips
Chocolate Mix + Reece’s Pieces
Confetti Mix + White Chocolate Chips
Spice Cake Mix + Walnuts or Pecans
Chocolate Cake Mix + Crushed Candy Canes for Christmas!

PRO TIP: Gluten-Free Cake Mix = Gluten Free Cookies!

“Around the House”

A mom friend recently came by for a visit and caught a glimpse of my son’s closet.

“Wow!” she said, “Teach me the ways!”

Organization has always been second-nature to me, and I LOVE it, so I have just started this Board to share “my ways” with you.

And there you have it. If you were curious about the person behind this blog, now you can investigate my Pinterest for some insight.

Happy Holidays, Everyone! See you in January.

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