It’s Mental Health Awareness Month. Let’s talk a moment about Depression.

You may know that Major Depressive Disorder, or “clinical depression” can cause a person to feel sadness, a lack of interest in life, and suicidal, but did you know that it can also cause…

Physical Exhaustion/Fatigue


Dizziness/Light Headedness



Back Pain

Joint Pain





Loss of Appetite

Dangerous Weight Gain

Dangerous Weight Loss

Sexual Dysfunction

And Chest Pain?

Please stop telling people with Depression that it’s “all in their head.” Depression affects the whole body, and a person’s whole life. Some people spend most of their day just managing their Depressive Disorder symptoms. The more you know, the better friend you can be. #mentalhealthawarenessmonth

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One thought on “#mentalhealthawarenessmonth : Depression

  1. Many of those same symptoms come from fibromyalgia as well. They both cause major disturbances in your life. I wish those who are the least understanding could experience the symptoms. Thankfully I am slowly getting better. I really wish there was more help for those who do suffer from depression or fibromyalgia. There are non-conventional treatments out there, but not readily available, and not financially feasible for many. I see God working in my life in regard to healing, but it is a slow process. Hugs to everyone who suffers from depression.

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