My family is celebrating Easter, so no long post today. I’ll see you next week for a series of posts dedicated to Autism Awareness & Acceptance month.

But, since you came all this way, here is a little tip on how we handle egg hunts in our home with two neurodiverse children: they each get their own colour of eggs.

I think it’s hard for all children to share and be considerate during the excitement of an egg hunt, but it’s extra-challenging for kiddos with Autism and ADHD. To eliminate fighting, hurt feelings, and the real possibility of one child being better at the hunt than the other, we give them each their own mission. They may only collect their own colour of eggs.

This way, they can take as long as they want to or need to, without fear that all the eggs will be gone. If they find an egg that isn’t their colour, they leave it be, giving Big or Little Brother the opportunity to experience the thrill of discovery. So far, this system has been working great for us. Hope it helps someone out there!

Happy Easter!

We posted this last Easter, and let the fun happen. No policing needed from Mom & Dad!

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2 thoughts on “An Easter Tip for Parents

  1. I think this is a great idea! It would have worked well for us when our kids were little. They’re 29 and 30 now. 29 year old is ADD (which we found out when they were 9) and once they were in their early 20’s they got diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. Neurodiverse was not a term I was at all familiar with then; in fact I hadn’t heard it at all until a couple of years ago. I remember those Easter egg hunts in our back yard when they were little, and man, our now 29 year old would get so frustrated when they didn’t find as many eggs as their sister. This tactic of giving them each one color would have worked well I think.

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