To the Dad who goes puddle-jumping with his kids after a storm.

To the Dad who plays tag until he is completely winded.

To the Dad who laughs at fart jokes.

To the Dad who knows that construction equipment is the best thing ever, and takes his kids for a closer look every time we see some.

To the Dad who scrounged the house for missing Lego because the tower was this close to touching the ceiling.

To the Dad who proudly wore the beaded, multicoloured bracelet his 4-year-old made to the hardware store.

To the Dad who turned the car around so we could follow the garbage truck on its route for several blocks.

To the Dad who downloaded a kids game to his phone and played it on lunch break, just so he and his Kindergartener could compare stats and progress when he got home from work each night.

To the Dad who took a game of hide and seek so seriously that he got stuck and had to tell our son to “go get mommy” for help.

To the Dad who searched for local events online, and stopped at them one by one, playing Detective when the ice cream truck went missing for a few days… and found it.

To the Dad who hasn’t forgotten what it’s like to be a kid.

To my husband on Father’s Day…
there is no one better than you!

He also draws happy faces with ketchup

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