Instead of your regular scheduled programming today, I thought I’d pop in to share some writing news with you all. I wasn’t going to say anything at first, just keep carrying on, but then I found the perfect meme to illustrate it, and well, the Millennial in me just couldn’t resist a good meme!

First the meme:

Now the news:

I lost 35% of my subscribers after one blog post.

Yup. 35% from just one post. It’s a new high score for me! I’m not even mad or sad, because it’s just so impressive. So, in case you missed my most controversial blog post to date, check out part one of this series on the ways Christians/church-goers treat people with disabilities:

Disability & The Church (Part 1)

It’s a shame they didn’t stick around for all three parts. It got better, in my opinion.

While it is discouraging to see numbers go down when you are trying to build a platform, I just have to trust that the right people who need to hear what I need to say will find me. Because I have no intention of prettying up what I need to say. I make every effort to be polite and respectful, but I will not be shying away from hard topics. Ignoring hard topics and keeping quiet is what got me into so much trouble with my mental health in the first place. Now that I blog about mental health (and more), I’m not going to fall into that old trap of silence just so everyone can feel comfortable. Change never happens when people are comfortable.

So that’s the writing update. I’m going to keep doing what I’ve been doing. With a slightly smaller audience. If you’re still here, thanks for sticking around! Let’s have hard conversations together.


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4 thoughts on “Unfollowed

    1. Thank you Patti, but you don’t have to be. I’m looking at it as the people who are actually ready and willing to listen are the ones that are still here. Which is still close to 70%, so that’s encouraging!


  1. I find most people get so comfortable with their life, that to think about actually doing something. It is easier to give platitudes. The Christian world has very little understanding of mental health. Certain churches or people believe you just need more faith to get over it. That frustrates me. Much misunderdtanding regarding illness and such. Keep on going.

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