This picture is not me.

I don’t drink coffee, for one.
Call me crazy. You won’t be the first.

Secondly, my house doesn’t look like a furniture catalogue… not even a little bit.

I don’t wear white slippers… who the heck wears white slippers? Do these same people have magically clean floors? Do they have fairies who keep watch at the door to remind their children not to track dirt everywhere? (Cause, I want in on that, if it exists.)

I am no longer of the age where I will choose to sit on the floor when there’s a perfectly good sofa RIGHT THERE.

Oh, and then there’s the laptop.
Most of my posts won’t be written on a laptop.
They’ll be written in an overflowing notebook,
on the back of a grocery receipt,
or a few key words will be scratched on my hand for me to decode later in the dead of night after everyone else has gone to bed.

Welcome to my perfectly average, perfectly chaotic, perfectly normal world.

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